Welcome to our Walls Weekly blog update that is here to inform you about our plans and new developments from the previous week for the York Walls Festival 2019.

With only 9 weeks until the festival (10thand 11thAugust 2019) the preparations are well underway! From Roman Festivals to apps to talks to children’s book and even 3D models we have been busy here at York Walls over the past 7 days!

On Saturday and Sunday Martin, Bill, Holly and myself (Rebecca) took to the Roman Festival in Museum Gardens to discover ideas for our Family Activity Pack! Here are a few suggestions made by you! We particularly enjoyed ‘Elifant’ and ‘Potery’ (perhaps a spelling activity should be included in our Family Pack.)

As well as this, we released a few initial screenshots of our new app which will be available to download on android very soon! The app contains Quizzes and information both accommodating for an older audience and a younger audience. It also has interpretations from the past and images from the present day, as well as some very cool medieval music if I do say so myself.

Furthermore, Bill and Holly have been working on some 3D models of Fishergate Postern Tower after the archaeological dig! Martin has been making plans for more events such as book stands for children, a make a tile workshop and live music and performances for the festival!

You can also keep up to date with the latest events scheduled for the festival on our events page here. Or you can follow us on social media to keep updated throughout the week:

Twitter – @WallsYork

Facebook – York Walls Festival

Instagram – @YorkWallsFestival


We look forward to hearing your thoughts about our update, see you next week!

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  1. Mike Calvert


    A great start to the blog series. Well done for putting that together. Look forward to following the preparations.

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